Sensory happiness for people with disabilities and additional needs

Worcester Snoezelen is a leisure therapy centre offering a range of person-centred multisensory activities that empower, bring joy, and help members make choices and communicate through alternative means.

Welcome to Worcester Snoezelen

We are so pleased you found us, and we are very excited to meet you. If you’re a parent or carer of someone with additional needs or a disability, you’re in the right place. Worcester Snoezelen is an extraordinary charity offering a range of services that are not available elsewhere in the local community. Our philosophy is to celebrate ability rather than disability, and potential rather than limitation.

What is Snoezelen?

The term ‘Snoezelen’ was first coined in the seventies by two Dutch therapists who used interactive ‘Snoezelen rooms’ to provide therapy for people with autism and other disabilities. At Worcester Snoezelen, we use the same client-centred approach to encourage people with a range of abilities to engage in sensory-stimulating activities through water, light, music and art.

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About us

Founded in 1993 by Penny Brazier, Worcester Snoezelen has grown into a well-established charitable organisation with fourteen members of staff and many visitors through its doors each week. Over the last three decades, we have had a profound impact on hundreds of visitors, including those with disabilities and additional needs, as well as families and carers.

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Our services

Snoezelen provides a range of accessible and inclusive services that give people with disabilities and additional needs space to be themselves, learn, develop and discover meaning in their lives, in a warm and caring environment. The centre comprises three multisensory rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, soft play area, music and arts, plus an onsite cafe, and facilities for activity days and weekly children’s clubs.

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We need your help! Worcester Snoezelen is a registered charity that needs your support. While we very much appreciate donations, we also understand that donating money might not always be possible for everyone. That’s ok – there are many other ways you can help us.

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Our key stats

Est. 1993

We’ve been around for 30 years this year!


Sessions run annually


Hydro pool sessions run weekly


Music and arts sessions run annually


Sessions run daily