Help Matt Turner raise funds for Snoezelen

Matt is currently running 150km throughout April by running 5km per day in order to raise funds for Worcester Snoezelen. Please follow the link if you would like to donate.

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Arts for all ages and abilities

Our team loves finding new and exciting ways to bring music and art into the work we do at Worcester Snoezelen. From yearly events to individual workshops and sessions, we have a range of different options to suit all our visitors. We also offer our music and art sessions as outreach services, to benefit the wider community and bring the joy of new ways of communication to even more people.

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Music sessions and clubs

We love music at Worcester Snoezelen, and we’ve seen first-hand how it can be a powerful tool for communication, expression and joy for our visitors. Our staff offer a range of different music-based sessions, workshops and clubs for anyone to enjoy, and we even hold annual events, including the Christmas Concert that our members love getting involved in.

Our workshops vary from one-off sessions to Rock School, our weekly live music club. From performing at concerts to simply getting to know different instruments and having fun, our music sessions and clubs are an excellent way to provide visitors of all ages with additional enrichment and new ways to enjoy themselves.

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Visual art sessions and workshops

We have specialist staff who lead visual art and craft sessions for all ages and abilities here at Worcester Snoezelen. Whether booked as a group or one-to-one, our art sessions provide a safe and comfortable environment to explore a range of artistic mediums, from paint to clay to pencil drawing. We also hold regular art sessions as part of our activity days and clubs.

Our annual Summer Art Auction is a particularly popular part of our wider workshops and art services. We also promote exhibition opportunities in the local community and work to celebrate disability within the arts, while providing our members with the tools and confidence needed to truly enjoy the arts.

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