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Matt is currently running 150km throughout April by running 5km per day in order to raise funds for Worcester Snoezelen. Please follow the link if you would like to donate.

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Four different spaces offering four unique experiences

Since we opened our doors at Worcester Snoezelen, we’ve continually evolved and expanded our services to offer more to our visitors. Currently, we have four different sensory spaces available for use, alongside a sensory garden to provide joy, relaxation and experiential learning to people of all ages, disabilities and ability levels. Each room is designed to offer a unique experience and is equipped with interactive sensory stimulation, including light, touch, sound, colours and textures. Some are more calming and tranquil, others are more stimulating and interactive. All rooms are also equipped with hoists.

White Room

The White Room

Our White Room provides a typical Snoezelen experience and is recommended for first-time visitors to our centre to get to know what we offer. The White Room is our largest multisensory room. It incorporates a range of different features, including a heated waterbed that resonates with calming music, as well as equipment that can be turned on and off by our visitors whenever they want.

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Blue Room

The Blue Room

Our Blue Room is a visitor favourite, with a curved, cosy shape and bubble and hurricane tubes that can be controlled directly by visitors. Fibre optics, comfortable bean bags and a king-size waterbed further add to the cosiness factor.

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The Zone

The Zone

The Zone is our dedicated, high-accessibility soft play area, designed for use by both adults and children. The Zone includes a range of different multisensory experiences, including a climbing platform, giant keyboard, slide and interactive wall. Hoists and equipment are included to make our soft play area even more accessible.

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Interactive Room

The Interactive Room

Our newest multisensory experience is The Interactive Room. Built around an interactive floor mat, our Interactive Room has hundreds of different programs and games to explore, both to encourage movement as well as for educational learning. The Interactive Room also includes bubble tubes, fibre optics, light-reactive equipment and a warm double waterbed, making it a positive and enjoyable experience for adults and children of all ability levels.

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