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Snoezelen stories

We love hearing about our members experience at Snoezelen, it’s incredibly important to us as we provide a variety of services and receiving feedback allows us to continually improve and review our services offer. Below are four stories from members who use our different services, ranging from our children group sessions to our adult music groups and hydro-pool sessions. We always welcome your story submissions and feedback from anyone who uses our services, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Leonard playing drums

Leonard, Snoezey Sunday’s

Snoezelen is a world of fun…. a safe place where Len can be himself without any of the prejudice from society or what the big bad world can bring. The moment you walk through the door you can feel the warmth and know that the next few hours will be special. Full of love and support from those who work there and the wider Snoezey community.

Written by my Dad, Duncan


Willow, Sensory Play

When I had my daughter, who has Downs Syndrome, I was not prepared for how isolating it would be. That is until I discovered Worcester Snoezelen. This gem of a place is so much more than a sensory experience and pure fun for my daughter and I. For us it is about the lifelong friendships we have both forged, the support we got every step of the way and the feeling of ‘coming home’ every time we walk through the door.

Every parent who comes here has a unique story of what it is like being a parent to a child with additional needs. However, there are so many things we have in common. The fear when your child is first diagnosed. How will you cope? How can you support them? ‘Snoezey’ (as we affectionately call it) was there for us, any question we have someone is always there with advice and support.

This is our haven as well as the best soft play sensory experience we could possibly have!

Written by my Mum, Susarah

Boy in hydro pool

Joseph, Hydro Pool

It’s not crowded in the pool and you can have whatever music you want. I like being able to put on the bubbles and jets. I like trying to dunk my carers! I like that it’s warm and there’s not too many steps. I like the fact that it’s got hoists for the other members. I like that it’s got a cafe and Lizzie gives us chocolate cake!!


Emma, Sounds Inclusive and Yoga

Emma has been attending Worcester Snoezelen for 4 years, she started off very wary but with the support of everyone she soon started to come out of her shell, so much so she’s taken to writing a list of her favourite songs for each session at Sounds Inclusive. She even treats the group to an organ introduction and some impressive vocals!

Yoga with Lizzie is a recent addition to Emma’s schedule, she continues to show me up! Emma is so flexible, and she loves to do the animal noises to all the positions.

Emma’s smile says it all, these sessions keep her happy and something to look forward to, keeping her (and us) sane.

Written by Mum, Liz