Sensory rooms

Our sensory rooms are at the heart of our services at Snoezelen. We have three specifically designed sensory rooms, in addition to a soft play area created to provide sensory opportunities for adults and children of various ability levels. Each of our multisensory rooms is designed for a purpose, to provide varying levels of interactivities and different sensory experiences to suit the needs of our varied visitors.

Sensory rooms

Creative arts

We provide inclusive and accessible services in music and other creative arts through a range of different workshops, sessions and activity days. We also offer exclusive bookings for these services, providing a valuable way for children and adults with a range of additional needs to communicate, express themselves and enjoy new experiences in a safe and friendly atmosphere that is entirely inclusive to their needs.

Art & music

Hydro pool

Our hydro pool is one of the most valuable additions to our services at Worcester Snoezelen, providing a joyful – and much-loved – space for children and adults to experience both passive and interaction-based stimulation. Our hydro pool provides an opportunity for aqua-therapy sessions and includes floats, handrails and overhead hoisting, so as to provide the highest level of accessibility, and the small scale and heated nature of our pool make it suitable for many of our visitors to enjoy.

Hydro pool

Activity days and clubs

In addition to the enjoyment of our sensory rooms and hydro pool, we also have a schedule of various activity days and clubs throughout the week for both children and adults. These range from full-day activities to hourly clubs, including music, art, cooking, sports and games, dance and sensory play—providing something for everyone to enjoy and take part in.

Activity days


Our café allows us to offer refreshment and catering in-house for our visitors, and is open Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm and special occasions. For all-day sessions or visits around lunchtime, our café is the perfect place to take a break – or the ideal place for parents and family members to wait for our more independent visitors attending, sessions or workshops.

Our cafe